Anik Sarker

Lecturer, Department of ME

Military Institute of Science & Technology

Me, Anik Sarker, currently employed as a lecturer at MIST's ME department in Bangladesh. I am a former student of M.Tech. in Thermal Engineering at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Silchar, also, doing research in Multiphase flow, Droplet dynamics, Electro Hydo-dynanics, Fuel Cell. My mastar's research is primarily in computational fluid dynamics for inertia-mediated compound droplet impact on the liquid pool. Our findings demonstrate a non-trivial switching from jetting to significant bubble entrapment phenomenon by decreasing the radius ratio of the compound drop under identical inertial conditions. I have also used Electrohydrodynamics equations with the multiphase module to investigate the coalescence dynamics falling under gravity on a liquid pool and exposed to an externally applied DC electric field.  Previously, I have done a project named 'Probing the Influence of Different Wettablities on Droplet Dynamics'. Believing that science can be found even in the little things in our daily lives and we can take the advantage of experimenting with those findings and gaining knowledge to enlarge our wisdom. I strongly support the Open source platforms for analyzing computional fluid dynamics.